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Yachting – company sailing cruises

Yachting and company events on board are becoming more and more popular; company top management, key managers, project managers or selected employees attend  such programs repeatedly. Yacht and catamarans are equipped comfortably for company events, providing enough space for the crew and are completely safe due to modern navigation and communication technology. Company sailing cruises at the sea mean adrenalin, freedom and an unforgettable experience.

Company sailing cruises

Company sailing cruises secure that you will get to know each other in unusual situations, free communication barriers and create the need for team work. On board, you are a team that has the same target and direction. The company cruise unifies strategies, thinking, positive changes, motivation and enthusiasm for performing demanding work tasks. We create a team which is supportive, works actively, communicates and aims at the target, performance and the result. Attitudes obtained are reflected in the company culture, boost company performance and internal marketing.

Company turn-key events

For your company, we will provide a suitable yacht, agree the itinerary of the cruise and extra programs. The captain of your ship is also a consultant, a human resources expert and a coach. Such connection means that we can incorporate in the program team building, consult personnel questions and provide personal coaching. The company cruise is undertaken as a training program abroad and can be fully included in your costs. Company cruises are a part of the long-term programs for human resources development; we will be happy to tailor-make the right solution for you. Find more about motivating company events at Incentive trips.

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