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Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Training and education

Training and education of employees is necessary for maintaining long-term high performance at work. We specialize in training and education for developing skills, enhancing competencies and increasing the flexibility of your team. Use our training, we will find a solution tailor-made for your needs respecting your standards, your vision and your strategy. Our solution for training is highly professional and carried out as agreed by your management. The material and output from the training become entirely yours to be used long-term in the company for internal training. We carry out training and education separately or as a part of complex programs for human resources development.

Training and workshops

Business skills training is focused on business competencies, sales and telephone marketing. You can use special Telemarketing & Telesale training for your call centre. Presentation skills training enables development of communication competencies and skills for effective presentation.

Management skills training is targeted on the competencies of the company management, leadership skills and effective management communication. Coaching is an individual way to achieve the specific personal goals of employees. By this unique process of developing competencies you can motivate any one in your team.

We will be happy to prepare any type of training for your team. Contact us we will design a solution for your specific needs and requirements.

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