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Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Strategies and New markets

The company strategy and the ability to implement the strategy effectively is crucial for every company. It is essential to show to the public, clients and employees a direction in which the company wishes to develop and progress in future. When creating a strategy, the company vision and mission is defined and targets and elementary values are clarified. A detailed study of the strategy and setting suitable ways of communication and Public Relations are a part of the solution. We deliver a complex solution by optimalization of the strategy including implementing the strategy in company processes and activities.

Advantages of a good company strategy

A high-quality company strategy means effective planning, making the right decisions and being able to use the potential at full drive. You will gain competitive advantages, improve your position in the market and be able to unify the objectives of the management and your team. Tools of internal management, balance scorecards and KPI help you to monitor the productivity and the quality of company processes. A tailored strategy and professional Public Relations are a guarantee of high motivation of employees and long-term company orientation on performance and results.

Implementing a company strategy

Implementing a prepared strategy is carried out by our consultants. In exact steps we provide communication, professional Public Relations, amend company processes, optimize internal marketing, carry out personnel change management and enhance the competencies of the team by practical training. Manager shadowing and coaching, or appropriate experiential programs harmonize the implementation of the strategy accordingly. We consult all our plans and actions with the management on regular basis.

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