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Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Shadowing managers

Manager shadowing is a modern and innovative service to optimalize management skills and the management of company processes. It is advisable to use manager shadowing for managers on different levels in the company; during shadowing objective feedback is obtained and manager shadowing becomes a tool for effective searching for imperfections in management. We organise management shadowing separately, together with coaching programs or as a part of complex consulting projects and  programs for Human resources development.

Optimalization of management

Manager shadowing provides development of strategic management at many levels. The external consultant is a partner and advisor providing support and feedback of all management activities. We monitor the compliance of management activities with the company strategy, connections of activities with targets which results in concentrating on key processes and a high orientation on results. Manager shadowing programs bring fast control to the current situation in the management; you will achieve concrete feedback and proposals for solutions for effective execution of changes. Objective manager shadowing gives an effective bird´s eye view, faster optimalization of management, cost savings and enhanced performance of competent managers.

Optimalization of company processes

High quality output from manager shadowing can be reinforced by competency diagnostics of managers, which we carry out together with coaching of managers resulting in improving management skills at many levels.  Manager shadowing always influences and touches many other company processes - we can become a part of optimalization of the company strategy setting a united company vision and also support the building of effective Public Relations.


I truly appreciate skills and abilities of Martin Hladeček who has valuable knowledge in the personal development of managers. As the executive director of GREEN FUTURE s.r.o. I had to solve all different types of management and personnel issues. I used manager shadowing as a consultancy service which helped to develop the company effectively, speeded up realisation of projects and was a strong motivation for understanding complex changes within new trends in the management of companies. I appreciated the professionalism, flexibility and  quality of the solutions which transpired in effective functioning of the company. I continue to use the experiences and trends achieved in my new management position“.

Tomáš Dočekal, GREEN FUTURE s.r.o.

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