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Personnel change management

Currently personnel change management is a necessity for many companies. The management has to change company activities, organizational structure and a  number  of employees. Often personnel cuts must be carried out which result in an unpleasant company climate. Personnel change management is a complex service provided by external consultants, it is entirely objective and when applying any solution agreed any personal influences are ruled out. Personnel change management is not pleasant but in many cases necessary. Often, it is the only possibility of how to stabilize a company during periods of economic recession.

Advantages of personnel change management

Personnel change management will secure the optimalisation  of the company’s  organizational structure, will increase your competiveness in the market, save your costs and will enable you to stabilize competent and loyal employees in the  new organizational structure. External change management will bring you time, together with a bird’s eye view and a professional process of changes which will significantly boost high performance of the whole company. Due to well prepared and controlled personnel change management you will avoid emotions, achieve controlled communication of changes with employees and an external team will secure easier acceptance of the changes by the company employees.

Process of personnel change management

When performing personnel change management and personnel audit, we carry out competency diagnostics of employees, we create or change competency models of key job titles and support strongly internal marketing. During personnel change management a team may need training and education as well as experiential programs. Personnel change management may be a part of long-term programs for human resources development.

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