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Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Our team

The company team includes various elements. Our partners include individuals and legal entities both from the Czech Republic and abroad. For each consultancy area, we have a specialized partner or consultant who guarantees the quality of services provided.

Ing. Martin Hladeček

Main Consultant, Manager, Lecturer, Personal Development Coach and Sea Captain.
Specialized in consulting services, personnel services, experiential activities, and main lecturer for training and education. He is in charge of management, marketing, and project management. Martin Hladeček’s professional career in the past included positions of acquisition salesman, company director, external manager; he spent more than 10 years working in international trade. In the long-term, he has been engaged in advisory and consulting services.

Mgr. Jan Vybíral

Consultant, Manager experiential programs and ship`s rope expert.
Specialist programs Outdoor, Team Building and design experiential programs. Jan picked the expert consultant in the field of experiential education and experiential programs implementation. By working together, our clients can use several specialized centers for adventure and implementation of development programs.

Ing. Eva Staňková

Consultant, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and ship`s navigator.
Specialist in Public Relations, communications, corporate strategy, marketing and relationship management. The company cooperates in managing marketing projects and is the leading consultant in the field of Public Relations for our clients. Eva Staňková in his professional past worked in Public Relations for a number of major companies, where she managed strategy for key brands and products, long worked in top management of companies, currently managing director of a successful PR agency.

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