ProfiComm - Management skills and Leadership



Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Management skills and Leadership

Management skills and leadership are vital for maintaining the high performance of the company. We focus our Management skills development programs to develop and enhance competencies for planning, effective company management, company projects and personnel management. Leadership programs boost management skills for leading departments or teams. Practical training of management skills will enable you to use the potential of your managers  better and secure the dynamic management of company processes.

Effective company management

Management skills and leadership are designed for more senior company management. We develop the competencies required for effective strategic management, financial management, personnel change management, project management, management of relationships with employees and good quality internal marketing. We also use personal coaching and shadowing managers for development of the competencies needed. We will tailor-make development programs according to the strategy and projects of your company.


Leadership of employees is designed for middle and line management. These training programs are focused on the competences needed for effective management and leadership of subordinates. We develop skills for planning, organization, implementation, audit and effective management communication. We will design a program according to your specific needs and company standards.

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