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Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Internal marketing

Internal marketing transpires in all activities of the company. Each company wants to be an attractive employer and at the same time have loyal, efficient and motivated employees. Internal marketing is a set of company activities, a type of approach, communication and behaviour of the company towards company employees. It is a tool for securing the stability, motivation and loyalty of key company employees. Good quality internal marketing increases the attractiveness of the company for employees and has a positive influence on their attitudes and behaviour inside the company.

Benefits of internal marketing

Working internal marketing means effective communication within the company, supporting loyalty and long-term high work performance of employees. Internal marketing  underlines company values, improves company culture and its effectiveness and is reflected in the attitudes and behaviour of the employees. Optimal internal marketing will enhance competitiveness, save costs and stabilize a work team which is motivated and focused on performance and results.

Good quality internal marketing

We specialize in consultancy, programs and strategies which optimize your internal marketing. Good quality and stable internal marketing is important for effective personnel change management which can be detected by competency diagnostics. You can use motivating experiential activities or provide training and education needed for the team. Internal company marketing can be optimized in long-term programs  for human resources development.

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