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Incentive trips

Today, incentive travel is a normal part of company marketing. For every company it is important to look after and keep long-term key customers, suppliers and high performing employees. Incentive trips are especially organized motivational programs connecting work and active relaxation in different parts of the world. Incentive trips which combine business activities, company development, motivation, relaxation, entertainment and new experiences are attractive, extraordinary and unforgettable. Currently companies often use as a popular incentive program Yachting – company sailing cruises.

Advantages of incentive programs

Incentive programs motivate and reward key customers, suppliers and high performing employees. Incentive trips and programs enhance business relationships, support loyalty of customers and stabilize the long-term profitability of your business. Incentives help to secure loyal employees ready to perform demanding work tasks. Incentive programs enhance the company’s image, increase its productivity and improve internal marketing.

Incentive trips and thematic programs

Incentive trips can take place in exotic places or luxurious resorts abroad, however local programs are also successful and popular. Excellent services, safety and very good organization are our priority.  Incentive trips for employees are great for team building, effective outdoor management training and we also recommend them as a part of long-term programs for human resources development. Thematical incentive programs are targeted at congresses, meetings, product presentations, education, sport and gastronomy. Contact us, we will design the right solution for you.

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