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Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Experiential programs

Experiential programs support long-term work performance and contribute to the effective operation of the company as a unit. We organize experiential programs which improve team work, increase the effectiveness of the company communication and motivate employees. Experiential programs serve as a reward, an opportunity to motivate employees - they are often used for internal marketing. Experience and bonds from the programs are long-term and become part of the company culture. In our experiential programs we always look for a solution which suits you, your visions  and projects. We provide experiential programs separately or as a part of complex programs for human resources development.

Experiential programs and company events

Freedom, independence and adrenalin, that is the team program for Yachting – company sailing cruises. Company cruises usually take place in the waves of the Adriatic. Find out more in Incentive trips about extraordinary experiences, interesting and beautiful environments, and an innovative way of developing competencies. 

You will find experiential programs targeted at the team, team work and enhancing company communication in Team building.  Outdoor experiential programs take place in the countryside where we can use games, sport activities and adrenalin exercises together in the programs. Exceed your own possibilities and surpass yourself.

We can arrange any type of experiential programs. Contact us, we will tailor-make a solution for you.

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