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Competency models

Competency models are one of the modern tools for effective human resources management.  Professionally prepared competency models are necessary for determining competency standard for key job positions in the company. Good quality competency models and their implementation in the personnel management of the company are the basic condition for having competent employees in key positions. Competency models include a comprehensive description of skills and competencies required for high performance and achieving tasks desired at certain work positions.

Using competency models

Competency models will provide you with effective personnel change management, you will obtain a tool for choosing employees, you can target your internal marketing well as well as training and education. You will also acquire objective standard for the assessment for competency levels, you can use fully the potential of your employees and support the effectiveness of long-term programs for human resources development.  Competency models created will save your costs, stabilize a good quality team and ensure the long-term high performance of key employees in the company.

Creating competency models

Most frequently, we create competency models for management positions, branch directors, heads of department, business management, project managers and sales representatives. When creating competency models we analyze processes and activities of a particular job position, carry out individual balance competency diagnostics of an employee and each competency model is created with regard to the organizational structure, company standards and company strategy.

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