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Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

Competency diagnostics

Competency diagnostics is an essential guide for human resources officers, managers and coaches. Performance of employees is directly related to the quality of their work competencies. Balance diagnostics of competencies is an innovative and modern tool for human resources management. This progressive method of  evaluation and assessment of competencies is entirely objective and provides clear and comprehensible results with an emphasis on practical usage for the management. Competency diagnostics is carried out via internet and is able to evaluate competencies of individuals or groups as well as the atmosphere of the whole company.

Using competency diagnostics

Competency diagnostics enables you to measure, evaluate and assess competencies, create competency models and strategically carry out personnel change management. The output of the diagnostics will help you to target your internal marketing and gain tools for training and education. Competency diagnostics is used to develop competencies of your personnel and is an objective indicator of effectiveness of long-term programs for human resources development. It will always save you costs and support the stability of company performance.

Competency diagnostics centre

You need a specific entry code for carrying out competency diagnostics. If you do not have any code or if it does not work, please contact us. When you receive your code, please enter our competency diagnostics centre.


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