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Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování


Coaching is an individual way to enhance the long-term high performance of workers. Coaching programs can be focused on development to boost any competency and skill. Coaching is one of the most effective ways of developing personal internal potential. This unique process of development of competencies can motivate any one in your team.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching brings an individual program for development of skills and competencies required for successful fulfillment of personal aims and work targets. We carry out personal coaching in particular for top management and sales representatives. It is important to determine an appropriate structure for a personal coaching program and we design it only after individual competency diagnostics. Personal coaching programs support and enhance business skills as well as management skills individually and dynamically and improve communication

Team coaching

Team coaching is a tool for developing key competencies required for fulfilling targets, work tasks as well as performing company projects. Team coaching can sometimes temporarily replace missing management or support when leading and managing. To determine the suitable type of coaching we recommend team competency diagnostics. To maintain team performance needed we often carry out motivational experiential programs.

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