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Business and Sales skills

Business skills of the management and sales skills  of the team are crucial for every company. Business skills training programs are focused on effective leadership of meetings; sales skills are directed towards effective sales visits with customers. Practical training of business and sales skills will boost confidence at meetings, improve sales results and increase using the potential of your customers.

Business meetings and negotiations

Business meetings and negotiating educational programs are designed for management. We focus on meetings with clients, suppliers and other key business partners.   During training we develop skills for preparing meetings, leading meetings, effective negotiations and reaching an agreement.  At the same time, we enhance management skills and provide personal coaching.  A specific program will be designed according to the structure and needs of your company.

Sales skills

Sales skills are designed for sales teams and focused on conducting sales visits at customers or suppliers. During training we enhance the skills for preparing a visit, conducting a sales dialogue, obtaining a customer and reaching a deal or an order. At the same time we can provide  personal coaching and development of presentation skills and communication. We will be happy to provide a specific program for acquisitions, direct sales, indirect sales, van-sale or pre-sale according to your needs.

Sales skills via phone

Sales skills via phone are designed for call-centre, telemarketing or telesale workers and are  focused on sales and marketing phone calls with customers and suppliers/partners, obtaining consent and information as well as effective sales. The program can be focused on sales or marketing according to your needs.

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