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Managers shadowing, personal coaching, shadowing

Manažerské stínování, osobní koučink, stínování

About us

Profi-Communication provide professional services to develop your business. We believe that every company searches for strategies, possibilities and prospects to achieve success in the market.  Our target is to become the perfect partner to help you on your way to build, develop and stabilize your business. 

In every minute of our co-operation with our clients we are aware of our responsibility to achieve the agreed targets and all activities are directed accordingly. We believe that success and performance must be supported by harmonizing relationships, processes and activities across the board. We will be proud if our services become such ELEMENTS OF YOUR PERFORMANCE supporting your success.

Company background

Profi-Communication s.r.o. was established on 28 January 2004. The intention was to join two individuals and create a legal entity – an agency branded ProfiComm that would become a high quality partner for corporate education. The project was successful; in the first years, the agency cooperated with such clients as HONEYWELL – Mora Aerospace a.s., TOYOTA Motor Czech s.r.o., RWE Transgas a.s., PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. , ČD Telematika a.s. amongst others.

During 2007 – 2008 the portfolio of clients extended by OTK-Obchodní tiskárny Kolín a.s., Gmont Cable s.r.o., Home Credit a.s.,  Johnson&Johnson s.r.o., FATRA Napajedla a.s., HIPS s.r.o., Comfor Stores s.r.o., and AV Engineering a.s. We continued implementing projects for TOYOTA Motor Czech s.r.o., PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. and RWE Transgas a.s.. 2008 proved to be the crucial one for the company as both partners developed different ideas and perception for the further development of the agency.

In April 2009, the company founder Ing. Martin Hladeček aquired a 100% share in the company. The agency started its transformation into a business company which - besides education - provided consulting and advisory services. The long-term projects continued (TOYOTA) and by the end of 2010 the company performed contracted consulting services for the insurance company VZP a.s., ArcelorMittal a.s., Parker Hannifin Czech Republic s.r.o., BIOMEDICA Praha a.s., EMS-PATVAG s.r.o., GRUNDFOS s.r.o., VOP Šternberk s.p., FARMAK a.s., DYAS EU a.s. amongst others.

In 2011, the company started to build a new corporate identity. The service capacity was fully occupied especially with long-term advisory and development projects. In 2011 and 2012 the companies p.k.Solvent s.r.o. drogerie TETA, OLTERM&TD Olomouc a.s.,  Escandelle Fashion s.r.o. , GREEN FUTURE s.r.o., EMS-PATVAG s.r.o., VIZE Project s.r.o., Two-Way Trade Company s.r.o. used our services. Abroad we started to work with MITROWSKI Group Of Companies. All the remaining energy was dedicated to marketing, networking, creating business opportunities and preparation for new projects.

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